Friday, 30 September 2011

Google Chrome Could Beat Firefox by Year-End

Google's Chrome advertising push seems to be paying off, as the browser climbs closer to overtaking Mozilla's Firefox.

 Since january Chrome market share has climbed one percent per month but firefox share has fallen by 0.4 percent per month, according to data from StatCounter . Chrome's current share is 23.16 percent, compared to 27.49 percent for Firefox.

As Computerworld's Gregg Keizer points out, Chrome's rate of growth and Firefox's rate of decline put the browsers on track to switch places in market share as soon as December. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still has a commanding lead with 41.89 percent share, but its share is steadily falling.

StatCounter's findings are echoed by other firms that measure browser share. NetApplications also keeps track of the browser market, and gives Firefox a stronger lead over Chrome (22.57 percent for the former, 15.51 percent for the latter.) But even by NetApplications' metrics, Chrome could overtake Firefox by mid-2012.

Google has aggressively marketed Chrome with sentimental TV advertisements, including one that shows a father using YouTube, Gmail, and other Google services to create a digital time capsule for his young daughter. The ads started airing in May, and the two following months saw Chrome's sharpest market share increases of the year.

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