Monday, 31 December 2012

High school student hacks into computer system to change his grades

The student hacked into the computer system at Pelham High School and took the opportunity to bump up the grades he had been given.

The unnamed youth may also have taken the opportunity the change the grades of his schoolmates.His hi-tech antics have been compared to film character Ferris Bueller, who famously broke in to school computers to change the number of sick days he had taken.

School authorities are refusing to reveal how the boy pulled off his audacious feat, as they do not want to encourage copycat attempts.Police have been alerted to the incident, but are not planning to take any action over it.

Computer security expert Eli Morse suggested that the sophistication required to break in to a school IT system may not be all that high.'Anything is hackable,' he told the Eagle-Tribune - and pointed out that the easiest way to break in to school computers is when teachers leave themselves logged in when they are out of the classroom.

The incident has evoked memories of 1986 teen comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in which the eponymous protagonist played by Matthew Broderick hacks in to his school's database.

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