Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Hacked by Indian Hacker

Hacker going by name "Godzilla" today claimed to hack into one of the server belongs to ISI website ( and gets all possible secret information about Pakistan Intelligence.

According to the information shared by hacker, he claims to have access to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) of the server located at
He disclose that System installed with Windows 2008 server standard edition and having three derives i.e C,D,E with operating system in C and Hostname 'AHCORP'
He also claimed to hack into MSSQL server containing 3 databases, with 9 users and located at, as shown in screenshot taken by him.
Some partial tables of the database 'msdb' as listed below:
  • bakupfile
  • bakupmediafile
  • bakupmediaset
  • backupset
  • logmarkhistory
  • restorefile
  • restorehistory
  • suspect_pages

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