Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Java enabled browsers are highly vulnerable

Oracle has released emergency patches multiple of times in recent months for Java for one after another set of vulnerabilities. About 100 million computers reported to be vulnerable to unauthorized access via different flaw in Java software. Department of Homeland Security's US-CERT already warned users to disable Java permanently to stop hackers from taking control of users' machines.

Security experts advised,'The best defense we have right now for these kinds of attacks is to disable Java in the browser forever'. According to Websense experts, Most browser installations use outdated versions of the Java plug-in that are vulnerable to at least one of several exploits used in popular web attack toolkit. Exploit kits are a very common tool for distribution of many Java-based threats.

To detect the vulnerable Java versions that are installed on systems and Websense experts, used their technology via 'threat intelligence network', which monitors billions of web requests originating from tens of millions systems.

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