Saturday, 31 August 2013

Anonymous injected DDoS to Yahoo & WWE, It’s time to help Syria anonymous says

Yesterday Afternoon, World Wrestling Entertainment website ( was taken down by Anonymous hackers,they took down the website to raise awareness about the Syrian civil war.
One of the Anonymous hacker tweeted about this which reads:
World Wrestling Entertainment Down  Time To HELP SYRIA By #Fr0styFr0ze #OpSyria #Anonymous
Similar tweets show the claims of Anonymous & an Individual hacker to take down, breach onto American Choral Directors Association and leak 600+ Login details (Hack Read reported)
Tweets Regarding the claims under #OpSyria:

Anonymous Indonesia 
Yahoo! Groups Down  Its Time To HELP SYRIA By

Anonymous Indonesia @AnonNewsIndo
American Choral Directors Association And Leaked Their database |

The wwe website was back online within an hour and right now working fine.

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