Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Official Delhi Education Board Website hacked by Anonymous Kashmir -Protests against Indian Brutality in Kashmir

Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi, India has been hacked and defaced by Anonymous Kashmir. Anonymous hacktivists protested against Indian brutality in occupied Kashmir.
Hacked Websites:
  • http://bhsdelhi.com/index.html
  • http://results.bhsdelhi.com/index.html
Mirrors of the hacked sites:
  • http://zone-hc.com/archive/mirror/7512def_bhsdelhi.com_mirror_.html
  • http://zone-hc.com/archive/mirror/e918dfe_results.bhsdelhi.com_mirror_.html
The complete message left by the hacker on the deface page can be found below.
Congratulations! India, Congratulation Your Brutality Continue In Kashmir. Recently You Killed Several Persons At Shopian Area Of Kashmir And Labelled Them As Terrorists. Without Knowing They Were Innocent Youths Who Even do Not Know What Is Real Meaning Of Terrorist. You Not only Killed Those But You Are Killing From 1970′s. You Killed Kashmiri Youth In Hundreds Just To Prove That There Are Still Militants In Kashmir From Last Couple oF mONTHS You Are Wondering Young Youth Joining Terrorist Orgaisations. It’s Just Output Of Your Doings. Every Day Kashmiri Shout For Injustice….Every Day A Kashmiri Saying Save Me Save Me. But No 1 Is Hearing. Recently You Hanged Shahhed Afzal Guru For No Reason???Y Only Injustice With People Of kashmir?Not Only You Hanged Him But U Also Hanged Shaheed Maqbool Bhat. This Is Not Yet Finish ?You Forget You Killed Two Persons at ganderbal for no reason?when u will do justice with people of kashmir?

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