Saturday, 15 June 2013

Anonghost Team claimed to hack Mozilla and leaked Credentials of Managers Login's

According to the latest tweet of the Anonghost team they managed to get in the database of & and hacked Managers login credentials.

Anonghost Team also own the Hacking operations i#OpPetrol & OpIsrael-Reloaded in the Meantime

They also released notice post about that on facebook , they posted:
Database Hacked By Mauritania Attacker \!/ and Datas will be posted soon !-!"AnonGhost is Everywhere"

Anonghost tweet about the leak:

After a recheck of the Leak link there are more than 45 Mozilla Manager’s Login Credentials, here is the screenshot from the leak link:

Update: After the Leak Mozilla responded about the issue, as they had to, they wrote on their blog:
A hacking group called “AnonGhost” is claiming they have compromised “Mozilla Emails Managers” and exposed the email address and a 16-character value for 50 accounts. Upon investigation we’ve determined the 16-character values are not user passwords. Instead, they are activation codes used for the initial activation of user accounts for a Mozilla blogging software.

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