Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cybercriminals capture Images of people watching porn to trick them to pay ransom

A New Ransomware that poses as Australian Federal Police attempts to turn on the webcams of people watching porn and captures images of them.

Once the image of the user is captured, the malware locks the desktop and shows a warning message saying that "they have breached federal laws relating to child pornography, copyright or privacy".

The warning message includes the image of the victim. This will certainly horrify the victims.

According to WAToday report, the victims are then told to pay a ransom of $100 to $199 within 72 hours. The malware claims that if they failed to, the data in their disk will be wiped.

''We've taken some very interesting calls; some people are very open, while others swear they have been hacked while using Facebook" The WAToday quoted AFP as saying.

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