Sunday, 28 October 2012

Anonymous going to launch wikileaks like project called TYLER

Anonymous is going to launch WIKILEAKS like project named TYLER for the publication of secret information from government of all countries .

TYLER is going to launchon December 21 this year. According to the hacker, who requested anonymity, the conflict between Anonymous and the website of Julian Assange revolves around the forced funding techniques and lack of transparency around money to WikiLeaks.

There was a time when Anonymous defends WIKILEAKS and Assange and support the mission to share the information with the public .

Since Assange has repeatedly threatened to close the WikiLeaks, Anonymous decided to create their own platform for publishing secret government documents. According to Anonymous, Tyler will be a unique service project, as it will not have fixed the server - it will be based on the principle of decentralized or peer to peer network based on the equality of participants. Hackers claim that the attack or close the platform due to this will be impossible.

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